Wednesday, January 27, 2010

6 Months!

Is it already time for another month update?!? I can't believe how fast time flies. There have been a lot of things going on this last month. We were able to go home for Christmas and we loved seeing family and friends. In fact, we loved it so much we decided to move back to Utah!! Ok ok, there were some other things that helped us make this decision, but family and friends were the most important. We are going to be driving to Utah on Friday. I don't think it has really hit me that we are moving back.
Nate and I are going to miss Arizona. We Love the weather here. I can't believe we are trading that in for the cold weather of Utah. How did I ever last 22 years?!? We also love the whole "feel" of Arizona. Somewhat like California, but without the ocean. I know that we will come visit. And yes, this picture shows you what happens when you take too long taking pictures. She wanted that piece of paper so bad.
We are going to be living with Nate's parents for a little bit. We still have people renting our condo and we are going to take this opportunity to save some money. Unfortunately, Nate has to stay in Arizona two extra weeks to finish out some classes. :( While I am glad that he is in school and we have gotten free tuition, it is going to be really sad to not be with him.
Now enough about us boring people, back to the baby!!! She is sitting up all by herself now. As you can see by the pictures. She still falls over some times and is not happy about it, but she is getting better. She can also sit up while laying on her side. I think that her belly helps give her a good center of gravity. :) It is huge!
I am not sure as to why she loves to chew on her shoes. Actually, I am not sure as to why we let her chew on her shoes. Probably because it makes her happy. She seems to be teething, but then again I said that three months ago and nothin'. So, as you can tell she is still bald AND has no teeth. Sweet!
Lately we have been giving Sadie some 1st foods. She really likes them all. Even the Peas and Green Beans. She gets extremely dirty after eating these and usually needs a bath. During the process she will try and feed herself, stick her hand in her mouth, and try to grab you. All good times.
This may not look like a enjoyable face, but she is digging the peas!
Of coarse, Dodger. I am trying to make it a point to include him on the blog, not that he can look at it. He is such a fat and lazy dog, but we love him. And Sadie just can't get enough of him. (See our last post with the video if you want proof).
"Sup Dog".
"Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom....." "What?!" "Hi"
Sadie is getting so close to crawling!!! She will get on her stomach, push up on her knees and rock back and forth. She has a little bit of an army crawl going on as well. Expect videos to come shortly. And yes, that would be Sadie going for her shoe again.
"Got it!!" Sadie is also really funny. She will get up on her side like she is in the picture above, (without the shoe) and just pose. She likes to sit there for some time looking at Nate and I. I think we are in big trouble with this one.
"So Shiny." Definitely her mother's daughter. :)
And yes, last but not least, she has now discovered when I put bows or flowers on her head. I am hoping this is just a phase. Since she is going to be bald for some time, she will need to like all sorts of headbands and bows. I have too many cute ones that she needs to wear.
Yea for Mom and Sadie! I can't believe how much I love this girl. She makes our life so much fun and exciting. I can't wait to have her grow up with both grandparents, cousins, and aunt and uncles. She is going to have so much fun. We love Arizona so much and the people that we have met here. I have enjoyed working at the University of Phoenix and met a lot of great people there that I will be friends with forever. We are also leaving Noah and Giselle, our best friends. We have had so much fun with them through the years. I can't believe that we are not going to be so close. I am not sure I will be able to handle being away from them. Thank you to them for always being there for us and we are going to miss you guys so much! Thanks for a great time Arizona! We will be back soon to visit.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Videos! Finally!

So I finally got motivated enough to figure out how to get our videos of Sadie on our blog, with some help from Noah of course. Here's just a little video of Sadie's cute laugh. She really loves Dodger and he is so good with her. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas in Utah!

So this is going to be more of a picture update and not really in order, but we had so much fun in Utah for the holidays. We were able to spend about a week and a half there. While there, we got to see Sherlock Holmes and Avatar in 3D (hence the super stylish glasses we are sporting)
I sometimes feel guilty that Dodger does not get to "feel the love" of the blog, but he is still here and we love him.
This is Sadie after she has just eaten. Notice the mess on her face and the "budha belly". Got to love this baby!
This is Sadie's first time eating Peaches. By the looks of it, I think she likes them.
Sadie is quite flexible. See exhibit A below.
Me and the dog taking a nap.
While in Utah, Nate's brother-in-law was able to check Sadie out. He is an Occupational Therapist and tested Sadie. She passed with flying colors. And no, he did not just tell me that because we are family. He also nicknamed her "Fat Slapper".
Sadie with Grandma Fisher. Hanging out at the Christmas party.
We had a Pinata that all the kids, and adults were able to take a swing at. Mmm... Candy!
Nate's parents were extremely nice and told us that we could bring Dodger up for the holidays. It was going to cost quite a bit to put him in a boarding place so we took him. Much to my surprise, he did really really well. He seemed to take a liking to Nate's mom, ironic if you know Nate's mom. :)
Thanks to my sister-in-law Jana, she gave us this awesome food thing. You can put food in it and then Sadie can suck on it and get the flavor out without chocking on pieces. We started with peaches and she really liked it. We have also tried pineapple and a nectarine. She gets really sticky so we like to let her chill in her diaper while she enjoys this new "toy".
Such a cute and happy baby. I can't believe how much I love this little girl!!!!!
Yep, still bald and B-E-A-UTIFUL!
We went over to a my parents church on a Saturday to play broom hockey. It was so much fun and I am not sure why I didn't get pictures of us playing, but I got Simon and Sadie hanging out.
On Christmas, we went over to Aunt Cindy's house for lunch and presents. Thank you to all for the gifts.
Since we stayed with Nate's parents we spent Christmas morning with them. Sadie had a lot of fun opening presents. Really she just liked the sound and feel of the wrapping paper.
Dodger got a BYU football for Christmas. He doesn't look thrilled but he loves it.
Sadie got two sets of new pajamas for christmas. She loves them.
I gave Nate a list of some things that I wanted and he went an got everything without my help. And I have to say that he did a Fantastic job! He got me three pairs of heels and I love them all. I also got some jewelry that I Love!!! Thanks Nate, I love you. (and not just because of the gifts)

Here is Sadie sipping some "slush". Just kidding, she didn't get any. :)
Loves sucking on carrots and celery.

Dinner with the Fisher's. Mmm we had Ham and cheesy potatoes. So so good.

And here is Sadie hanging out in her jumper and you can't tell, but she is starting at the Christmas tree. It seems that she had a good Christmas and we loved being with family. Thank you to everyone for everything.

And yes, in case you did not know, we are moving back to Utah the end of January. Can't wait to come home for good. See you all soon.