Sunday, July 11, 2010

July Fun!

We are having so much fun!! Here is a little bit of what has been going on.
On June 29th I was in charge of two fashion shows at a Twilight Premier Party at Thanksgiving Point. I had about 20 girls participate in the show and then we were able to go see the movie at Midnight. I was really excited and the night was so much fun!! I dragged Nate along with me as well.
These are some of my cute fashion team girls waiting for the movie to start.
More fun girls!
There were two people who were working on this chalk art. Pretty amazing.
We were also asked to put a wedding party together for the event and here it is. Looks pretty "Vampire-ish.
We have been hanging out with our friend Reagan and her two kids. They just moved back from Vegas and we are so excited they are back. This is her little girl Devyn. Sadie actually looks a like Devyn did when she was little.
Taking a break from swimming.
We went to Riverside Country Club and it was so nice. Not too many kids there and we were able to have a great time. Thanks so much Reagan for letting us come with you!
We went to Thanksgiving Point to the children gardens. Sadie loved playing in the Noah's Ark pool. She met this kid there. (he didn't really know what to do).
She is still as busy as ever walking everywhere and getting into everything.

Here we are at the waterfall at Thanksgiving Point. Thanks to my Mom and Dad who have a pass and came with us. We had so much fun.
My Mom and Dad!!

This is at Thanksgiving Point again just another day. My brother and his family from Idaho came down and this is their little boy Simon.
Here is Sadie and her cousin Paige.
Nate and I were able to go mountain biking the other day. It was kindof a short trail, but still alot of fun.
It was really pretty up there and I am hoping that we will be able to go more often.

We went to the park the other day with Justin and Ali and had a lot of fun.
So I have a sad story. After we went to the park we went to Fong's to eat. I had some spicy chicken with red chili peppers in it. I got it to go and we were on our way home. Out of nowhere Sadie starts screaming. I turn around, and she has all my left over's everywhere. She had reached down and grabbed the box and opened it. I thought that she must have tasted the sauce and that it was spicy. But then I saw that in her chubby little cute hand, she had a red chili. I tried giving her milk and water but she was just screaming! Then she started to rub her eyes. The screaming got even louder. We finally got her home and she was able to get some milk down and it seemed to help. She had a red eye for a little while but is ok. Anyway more to come! Sadie turns one on the 15th and we are having a party on the 17th! Also, Nate and I have our 5 year wedding anniversary on the 20th so some fun posts should be coming soon!