Sunday, June 20, 2010

11 Months, Oxford, and Summer! (Caution-Overload of pictures)

Sadie is 11 Months!! It is hard to believe in one month I will have a 1 year old. Although it seems like she is already one with all the things that she is doing.
She is a busy busy girl and always needs to be doing something. Always walking around and does not stop!
I can already tell she has such a cute personality. She is so much fun!
The weather is so nice outside that we try to get out and play outside.
Sadie really seems to like the feel of the grass. She loves to explore the entire back yard.
Here are just a few cute pics....

She is in love with Dodger! She will follow him around the entire house. Dodger will also follow her around (if she has food) and she thinks it is hilarious.
I came home the other day to see this set up in the backyard. Nate was so excited to set it up and get Sadie in it. Unfortunately, the water was too cold for Sadie but we are excited to try it out. Sadie loves her baths and I can only imagine that she will love this too.
We are introducing a lot of new foods to Sadie. Here she is trying spaghetti.
The other weekend, we were able to go up to the Fisher's property in Oxford Idaho. They have about 4 acres where we are able to camp and chill. It was a little cold up there, but still a lot of fun.We were able to take Dodger up there and he loved it. He was able to run around and enjoy the fresh air. This was him after a hard days work. The neighbors had horses that came right up to the fence and we were able to feed them. Sadie was all about the horses and loved looking at them.
This is just part of the area we stayed. While up there we painted the barn to the right. It barely had any white paint left on it, and now it looks great!
Another view of the area and another barn. We didn't get to painting that barn yet.
There was a lot of stuff that Sadie was able to do, kindof. When she gets a little older she will enjoy it a little more.

There was a sandbox that we let Sadie play in. She loved getting dirty and had her first taste of dirt. Dodger enjoyed digging it also.
Sitting around the fire with Sadie and Grandma Fisher
Grandpa Fisher told the story of "Ruby Red Lips" It was fun to see him in character. There were about 35 people there and a lot of kids. They loved the story!
Just hanging out under the shelter since it rained a couple times.
Just hanging out! Although Sadie did not sleep well (basically at all!!) while we were there, once we got home the first night she slept through the entire night. She did not make one sound. Since then she has slept every night (about 2 weeks) without waking up. I am so happy! :)
Here are a few other things we have been doing. Here Sadie is just chillin' with Dad by the hot tub.
We have found out that Sadie loves balloons. She will play with them forever!

We had a BBQ with Nate's parents and Alex and Claudia. It was so nice to be outside with everyone. Here Sadie is showing you her typical, laid back position when eating. She is eating baked beans and loving it.

Yes, a bath did follow this meal.

There are a lot more things that we are up to and many more things we want to do. We are having so much fun being back in Utah and around friends and family. I do want to say Happy Father's Day to Nate. I could not have wished for a better husband or father. Sadie and I are truly lucky to have him in our lives forever. I can't believe the example he is to me and he makes me want to be a better person. I love him so much and am excited for the adventures that are yet to come for us. Nate I love you!