Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lots of Fun Stuff!

What a happy baby we have!! We have had a couple of fun weeks. We just got back from church and had to take some pictures.
She actually does pretty good at church, most of the time. ;)

Last week, Nate, Sadie, and I went up to Idaho. We were asked to judge the ballroom competition up there. We dropped Sadie off with Nate's sister Cydnee, (thank you again so so much) in Pocatello and made our way to Idaho Falls.
Our room was paid for as well as our meals when we were at the competition. We got there Friday at about 4:00 pm. We checked into our hotel, changed, and then went to the competition. That night we were judging 79 formation routines!! Luckily we got to sit down for these. It was a really long night, we didn't get back to our hotel till about 12:30 am, but it was a lot of fun. On Saturday we got to the competition about 7:30 am. We had a schedule of judging for 2 hours and then a break for 2 hours. It didn't really end up that way and Nate and I were judging for the entire day.
Of course I was not very smart and I wore heels. I wanted to look all professional, but my feet were hurting so bad after about 5 hours. Anytime we were judging we were out on the floor walking around.

Some of the dances had so many competitors we had to do four heats of 18!! There were a lot of people there. Nate and I at the evening session of the competition.
At the end of the competition, they had one more event called "Team Match". This is where all the teams, (high school or private teams) competed in a fun free for all. There were 4 dances and three judges. Everyone is on the floor cheering for their team and the judges are in the middle of it.
This competition is known for just having fun and trying to bribe the judges. While we were judging different teams would come up to us and give us things including Leis, hats, candy, beads, and one school even went as far as sending all their girls up to give Nate kisses on the cheek! Lehi High School we need to talk! He ended up giving them .5 higher on their score ;)

This is what we looked like after the Team Match competition. We got a lot of bribes and some of them worked. One team gave me candy and of course I gave them a point higher. This is Andrea Hale. She was my coach while I was competing. She is pregnant and is due in a couple of months with a girl. Congrats!!

Saturday was a long night and we were really excited to be able to rest. Overall it was really fun. We hope to be able to come back next year and judge again. We are also hoping that we will be able to judge more competitions in Utah.

We picked up Sadie on Sunday as we were driving home. We were told she did really well.
Sadie is also starting to beg for food! Every time Nate and I start to eat something, she knows. She looks at us, her mouth starts to water, and she heads over to us with her mouth open. This is her eating Nate's ice cream. She has also tried Doritos, cookies, rice, and many other things a 7 1/2 month old should not be eating. Well more to come!