Wednesday, February 17, 2010

7 Months and Counting!

Sadie just continues to grow and grow. She is now 7 months and we are loving it! We have made it to Utah and are excited to be home. As soon as we got here Sadie decided that she wanted to crawl! Luckily Nate was able to see her start to crawl before he had to head back to Arizona.
Nate was in Arizona for a week and a half finishing up work and school and was going to come home on Saturday February 13. He is such a sweetheart, that he actually came home three days early to surprise Sadie and I! We are so excited to have Nate back.
Now that Sadie has been crawling for about three weeks, she thinks that it is time for her to stand up. She is now pulling herself up on everything!! I can't believe that she is already crawling and now thinks that she is big enough to stand. We are now going through and baby proofing the house. What a job it is. There are so many things that she can get into.
One of her favorite things to crawl towards is cords and of course the dog's food. She has had a little bit of a rough time adjusting here. I am not sure if it is the elevation, the weather, of just a new place. She is not sleeping during the night and when Nate was gone (of course) she was waking up almost every hour screaming! It was a really long two weeks while Nate was gone. Sadie is getting a lot better and we are getting more sleep.
My sister let us borrow some toys and this bouncer and Sadie loves it! She sits in there and just loves to bounce.
I have started working at Allyse's Bridal again and I am loving it! I love everything about my job. Who wouldn't love working with Brides all day and gorgeous dresses!
Nate is looking for a job now that he is here and playing "Mr. Mom".

So Cute and Happy!!
Yep, those are Mardi Gras beads.
Here is Sadie on Valentines Day. Such a sweetheart!
We are so lucky that we have Sadie and she is such a beautiful baby!