Saturday, May 29, 2010

10 Months Old

It seems like these "Month" posts come all to quickly. Before I know it we will be planning her 1st birthday!
Way too Cute!
The older and older Sadie gets, the harder and harder it is to take these pictures. See above :)
Thanks to Grandma Fisher for picking out this super cute outfit.
Now that it is getting closer to Summer, we thought it only right to buy Sadie some new gear. She got a new suite, sunglasses, a hat, and a fun pool toy.
We will have to see how long she will actually keep the hat and sunglasses on.
Yep, still chunky and bald. Can't help but to love her.
We found some bubbles the other day and wanted to see if Sadie liked them.
She was really cute and would try to catch all the bubbles.
This is Sadie making a mess as she is eating. We are tying to introduce new foods to her all the time. She is quite the begger. Anything that you are eating she will come over and open her mouth and make a ton of noise until you give in.
It's hard to see, but she has a big thing of mashed potatoes on her face. She seemed to really like these.
Sadie loves to be outdoors. Here she is playing fetch with Dodger.
She likes to walk around the entire backyard. She also likes to pick the grass and eat it.
Here we are just hanging out on the deck. More fun Summer pictures to come.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Time Fun!

It was my mom's birthday on April 28. We decided to take her out to lunch at T.G.I.Fridays. Here is my mom, me, my aunt Cindy, and my grandma Helen. Shantelle was also there, but she was taking the picture. Not only we were able to take her to lunch but Cindy arranged for a Hummer Limo to take us!
It was so much fun! It was my Mom's first time being in a limo and she seemed to really love it.
Thanks to Cindy and Tony for arranging this fun lunch date!
The weather was getting really nice outside and I was excited to put Sadie in some of her summer clothes, and sandals. Too bad the weather did not stay nice.
Sadie is walking all the time now. She is getting better and better everyday. We will post another video soon.
It is kindof funny to see our family room. Full of barricades to keep Sadie in the room. She usually gets through them all except for when we close the doors.
I am wondering when kids stop picking stuff up off the floor and putting it into their mouths?!? Sadie is finding the smallest little things and loves to look at me, then put it into her mouth. What a stinker. This is one of her favorite toys. A rubber lizard. She will put it in her mouth and walk everywhere with it.
Sadie is also a climber! She loves to crawl in and out of her car seat, as well as up and over her little booster seat. She will climb on her baby wipes box just to see if she can get closer to the top of the couch.
Its a little hard to see, but Sadie finally has a tooth, and the second one is not far behind. She isn't too happy when she has teeth coming in, but she is not as bad as some. And yes, she is still bald.
This is a little late, but here is Sadie with her Easter basket. Well it was actually mine, but we shared.
And when I say share, I mean she couldn't eat anything in there, but she liked the pink grass.
When the weather was nice we liked to go on bike rides. Sadie seemed to really love them.

We had to get Sadie her own little computer because anytime she saw our laptop she would come over and want to pound on the keys. She loves it! That's all for now, but Sadie will soon be 10 months so watch for an update.