Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting Closer and Closer

I am now 26 weeks and counting! It acutally seems like it has been going pretty fast, but I hear that the last few months are the hardest and longest. As far as how I am feeling, I'm doing pretty good. There are still mornings that are not so good, but it is a lot better than the first few months. We have been trying to get things ready, but not overdoing it. We did buy a crib, which I am very very excited about. It has a changing table attached which I think will be nice. We got it on a Friday night and Nate was so cute and suprised me by putting it all together the next day while I was coaching at the gym. It is so cute how excited he is to have a little girl and be a dad. We are only two weeks away for coming up to Utah for a baby shower! We are so excited to see friends and family, and I hope that the weather is nice when we go. :) We have heard that it still snows. As far as the weather down here goes, not trying to make you jealous, but it is perfect! This time of year you smell all the blossoms and citrus everytime you walk outside. We have about 7 palm trees in our back yard and two bogunvea's. (I have no idea how to spell that, but maybe Mom Fisher can correct me since that is her favorite flower). Nate was outside laying on our hamock, staring up at the blue sky, through the palm trees, smelling the blossoms and the grapefruit tree that we also have. He said that he felt like he was on a tropical island, just without the beach. We are really really liking it here more and more.
Another fun thing is that we are planning a trip to San Diego!! Nothing is official yet, but we have our time share and thought that since it is only about a 5 hour drive it could be somthing fun before the baby comes. We are thinking about sometime in May and going to Sea World, the Wild Animal Park and the Zoo. If anyone has any other suggestions let us know. Well that is about all for now, hopefully we will be able to see everyone when we come up to Utah! We love and miss everyone.