Friday, August 27, 2010

One Year Photo's!!!

I know this is a little late, but I finally got some of Sadie's one year photos up. I am so grateful for my dad who took the time to come to Thanksgiving Point to take these. Thanks DAD!! Enjoy.

I have some more that are coming. Man, I love her!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

So Much Has Happened!!

We have been having so much fun the last few weeks of July. So much has happened. We went up to Oxford, Idaho for a family reunion. Nate's family has great property up there. It was so much fun. This was Sadie on the ride home. As you can see she is exhausted and has some scrapes and bruises from her fun time exploring.
Here we are getting ready to leave. We stayed Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and came home Sunday. Sadie and I are such good helpers.
Here is one of Sadie's lovely "bumps" from the trip. She was running around, as usual, and took a face plant on the cement. She cried for about a minute then was back up playing. She wears her battle wounds well.
It was great weather during the day, although it was getting close to being too hot. During the night it was pretty chilly, but Sadie and I opted to sleep in the house and Nate stayed in the tent with Dodger, they were snuggle buddies. :)
Sadie did pretty good at taking naps and sleeping at night. She had a horrible Thursday night where we were up about every 20 minutes with her, but the other nights were great. Here she is taking a nap in our tent.
I have decided that Sadie is a little dramatic sometimes. During our camping trip she started putting her hands on her head or over her face and would walk around. We decided that she was telling us about her rough day. "Why me?!?"
This is right in front of the house. That is our tent and the pavilion behind it. There is about 4 acres of grass so there is a lot of room for tents and campers. Overall we had a great time with family and we are hoping to go back at least one more time this year with my family.
My mom called one day and said that she could get us in free to her pool. Of course we were going to go! Sadie loves the water.

Thanks so much Mom for inviting us. It was a lot of fun to spend some time with you.
So the big news is........... Ha Ha, probably caught some of you. The news is that Sadie turned 1!!! She had her first birthday on July 15, 2010. We decided to have a big Luau party for her
She loved the slide into the pool. She wanted to keep going and going and going. As you can see in the background, Rajko waited very patiently for the birthday girl.
Too Cute!
Justin and Ali with Ty and Meg.
We were so excited to hear that our "family" from Arizona was going to be in town. Nik and Anissa Rasheta were in town and they were able to stop by. Thanks so much for coming. It was so good to see you. Here is Nik, Noah, and Nate.
We had three pools for the kids to play in, a slide, a sprinkler going, and a moon bounce.
Here is Reagan with her daughter Devyn and new baby boy Sawyer.

Us inside the moon bounce.
The kids seemed to enjoy the moon bounce. They put water in it to help cool them off.
Here is Sadie's first cake. I was not too impressed with the cake (that is supposed to be a lei), but whatever.
As always Sadie is such a giver to Dodger. That is why he is so fat.
It took her some time before she actually got into her cake. But once she did, she loved it.
Alex, Claudia, and Nicole helped serve the cake and ice cream. Thanks for all your help. And thank you Claudia and Alex for bringing Salsa and Taqitos. I didn't get one but hear they were great!
Ali and my dad.
Nate having cake and ice cream.
Sadie got a ton of great gifts. Thank you to everyone who came and brought her something. She has had a lot of fun playing with them all. Thanks!
We of course had to have a pinata. Sadie got the first whack at it. I told her to hold back so the other kids could get a turn.
Here is Landon giving it a go.
All the kids got a turn and then Robyn was the last one and broke it open and all the candy came out.
Sadie got in on some of the goods.
I can't believe that Sadie is already one and that I am old enough to have a one year old!! She has brought so much joy to our lives it's indescribable. I cannot wait for the years to come. I am going to have so much fun with her. She is the best baby I could ever ask for.
Nate's parents sold their hot tub so we (actually I didn't help. Just took some pictures) had to move it off the deck. We had a lot of help but it is a heavy hot tub.

A couple of weeks ago, we went up to Cascade Springs with Nate's parents. It was such a pretty place and we had a lot of fun.
This is Nate having fun.
Nate's parents.

Sadie didn't last in her stroller very long. She just wanted to get out an walk around.
So much has happened and I am so excited to see what August brings. So Bring It On!